Praise the Sunday Football Game

For my Youth & Spirituality class in my undegrad, I went to my first big football game. I never went to a game in high school, and by this time in my college career, I should go to a game. It just so happened the Gophers were playing the NDSU Bison. Funny thing, cuz Fargo is my home town. They usually wouldn’t play because they are in different conferences, but this was a special game.

I compared the energy of the football stadium to that of a crowd attending a concert like Linkin Park. How is that any different that the praise held in a temple? To some, it’s not.

My graduate degree is filled with references of Jedi as a religion. I am, of course, referring to Star Warsby George Lucas. My argument is that if L. Ron Hubbard could write a novel to spark the creation of Scientology, then George could create a universe that guides a new generation of Earthlings into the future with new ideas, goals, aspirations, and morals.

Observing the world come to terms with the passing of Chester Bennington has been humbling. I wish I could take back some things I’ve said and done recently, but I can only change what I do in the future.

And so can you.

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