Change can be a daunting task. Change can be involuntary, or by choice. Change can be for very personal reasons, or a collision of logic. Whatever the reason, change is inevitable. Something is always changing.

It is with that spirit that Oz Technology Company GBC announces today a name and brand change to Wild Wolves Media Company GBC. Nothing about the organization has changed besides the name. Same services. Same people. Just a new identity that better reflects the purpose and mission of the coroporation.

Wild Wolves Media will continue on as a General Benefit Corporation (GBC), and file annual reports as required to maintain the public benefit corporation status.

The 2018 Sustainability Report by Oz Technology indicates a review of self-identity and place within the community. Oz is based on The Wizard of Oz, and is built on the basis of a fictional character. The company works with and integrates existing technologies, but rarely develops its own new technology. Therefore, the Technology Company didn’t suite the purpose of the company.

Wild and Wolves represent core environmental components to the Minnesota ecosystem. This is a company that focuses on photography, videography, editing, programming, and integration with social media and email campaign platforms. The new name now reflects that.

Welcome to Wild Wolves Media Company GBC.

Blog posts do not reflect the opinions of Wild Wolves Media, its partners, clients and customers, or anyone.